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The Stockholm International Composer Festival 2017 focus on the composer, singer and conductor HK Gruber; 16-24 November.

Like no one else, HK Gruber composes music in a humorous way, and at the same time it's always done in a serious manner.

Since 1986, the annual Composer Festival has focused on a selection of contemporary composers who we believe posterity will regard as highly as we value Beethoven, Brahms and other giants. Who will be the festival’s 2017 composer?

With a rich offering of various related activities during the festivals, such as the chance to meet composers, film screenings or exhibitions, we provide visitors with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the composer’s artistry. The Composer Festival was founded in 1986 and quickly established itself as an essential element of both Swedish and international music scenes. 

The festival takes place in autumn 2017. The festival concerts are published in conjunction with the 2017/2018 season release.

Festival Concerts

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