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Stravinsky Festival

The great icon of twentieth-century music featured in a festival from 12–21 October.

Stravinsky is the great icon of twentieth-century music! No one else has left this kind of impression on the history of modern music. Best known and most popular are the great ballets, the Rite of Spring, the Firebird and Petrushka, which were commissioned by ballet impresario Sergei Diaghilev, artistic director of the Russian ballet company the Ballets Russes in Paris.

Stravinsky was a skilled pianist and he composed the Concerto for Piano and Wind Instruments to perform himself. As he asserted in interviews, he did not want any “incompetent or romantic hands” to interpret this music. When World War II broke out, Stravinsky moved to the US, where he became a major celebrity. When he composed the perpetually fascinating and neoclassical sounds of the Concerto in D for String Orchestra, he was spending his days in Hollywood.

Festival Concerts

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