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Tales from Reality

A poetic performance with artist duo Alexandrov Klum

Meet artist duo Alexandrov Klum in Tales from Reality, a poetic performance in which the duo and the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra perform a piece where their narratives, paired with film and music, take storytelling to new heights. The duo will take us on a journey across land and sea, in which we will follow nature and humankind through stories based on mythology and personally experienced reality.

Alexandrov Klum (Iris Alexandrov and Mattias Klum) take a multi-dimensional approach to their work, depicting worlds through film and image projections, installations, music, and vivid storytelling.

The duo works closely with research on planetary issues, which is then portrayed by merging personal experiences and fictitious worlds. Through their stories, the duo aims to build bridges between heart and mind, between dreams and reality. 

Tales from Reality is the first joint concert project in a collaboration between the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and Alexandrov Klum that will span several years. 

Listen to Mattias Klum discuss this project and more in Radio Sweden’s Sunday interview (in Swedish)


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