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A safe summer at Konserthuset

When we reopen Konserthuset this summer, we implement several measures to create a safe environment for our visitors. Above all, we make it possible for you to maintain a distance from other guests by limiting the number of visitors. We also provide clear instructions on how to best be considerate of one another in our spacious foyers.

  • Konserthuset complies with existing regulations for public events and gatherings by limiting the number of visitors. Our activities are planned to ensure that you can maintain a safe distance from other visitors and staff members. This means that no more than 30 people may attend our summer concerts at the same time. Also, we are limiting the number of simultaneous visitors to our exhibition to 20 people. Our members of staff count the visitors to ensure we maintain this limit.
  • Each guided tour will be limited to a maximum of 10 people. Bookings are preferable made online. Please note that our guide might wear a face mask during the tour. You will find all our guided tours in the event calendar.
  • We have separate entrances and exits to avoid crowds.
  • We are dividing our large building into different sections and creating clear flows, to ensure that each visitor has plenty of space. Our staff members’ primary task is to explain how you can best take part in our activities.
  • We provide clear instructions for maintaining safe distances in areas where we expect queues to form, such as entrances, ticket sales counter and the toilets.
  • We take extra precautions with cleaning and hygiene procedures. In particular, exposed objects such as handles and railings are cleaned frequently.
  • Hand sanitiser is available to use for free.
  • Both staff and musicians have clear instructions to stay home if they experience the slightest symptoms and are not to return to work until they have been free from symptoms for at least two days.
  • We have signs posted with reminders that anyone who feels the slightest symptoms should not come to Konserthuset and should put off their visit until they have been free from symptoms for at least two days.
  • The Public Health Agency encourages anyone over 70 and other risk groups to avoid physical gatherings. We have therefore created the opportunity to view the exhibition through a film on our website. There is also a filmed guided tour to view. For those who long for concerts, please see our extensive music selection at Konserthuset Play.  
  • We do not handle cash at the ticket sales counter. Payments may be made by credit card.

We are following the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s recommendations regarding the coronavirus pandemic and are prepared to modify our implemented measures if new guidelines are published.

Read more about the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s recommendations (opens in a new window)