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Here you will find some general information about konserthuset.se

General information

This website is operated by Konserthuset Stockholm. Publisher is Executive & Artistic Director Stefan Forsberg. Development and publishing is handled by the Marketing Department.

You are most welcome to contact us with any questions, praise or suggestions by e-mail info@konserthuset.se

The music on the website is made available through a license from Stim/NCB.

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The site has also been granted accessibility certification by Funka, verifying that it has been developed in accordance with the highest standards of accessibility. This also underlines that we are continually working with accessibility in order to ensure no one is excluded from using the site. 

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Browse Aloud

This website uses the service Browsealoud for text-to-speech on the site.

BrowseAloud is an assistive technology, that enables the web to speak. BrowseAloud reads websites and pdf-documents, marks the text being read, saves read text as a mp3, enlarges text and gives the option of dimming the background so that the user may focus on the content they are reading. BrowseAloud works on smartphones, pads, Mac and PC without you having to download software.

The BrowseAloud service is free for you as a user, and is activated by clicking on the BrowseAloud icon in the header.


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