Accessibility Statement

Everyone should be able to use our website. We therefore continually work with accessibility to ensure that no one is excluded. In addition, a Swedish law is now in place stipulating that public services must be accessible to all.

On this page, you can read about how the website complies with the Act on Access to Digital Public Services, any known accessibility issues, and how to report problems to us so that we can correct them.

You can find detailed information on the Act on Access to Digital Public Services here, opens in a new window

General is run by the Stockholm Concert Hall Foundation.

How accessible is the website and the app Konserthuset Play?

Our website largely fulfils the Act on Access to Digital Public Services. However, there are some parts of the website that are not completely accessible. The problems that we are aware of are described below. We will also explain here when we expect to have corrected these problems and alternative ways to access the content. The accessibility of the Konserthuset Play app is under review, which is expected to be completed in 2022.

Inaccessible content

  • Videos that are embedded on the website do not have descriptive titles for text-to-speech aids. We intend to correct this through editorial measures by 31 December 2022.
  • Browsable PDFs on the website have limited accessibility. For example, it is not possible to navigate them using a keyboard and they are not compatible with text-to-speech aids. We intend to improve PDF accessibility by 31 December 2022. Published PDFs can be ordered for free, either printed via or in DAISY format via

What can you do if you cannot use parts of the website?

If parts of our content are not accessible to you, please contact us and we will assist you. Send an email to or call our switchboard on +46 (0)8-786 02 00.

If your issue is related to tickets, it is best to contact our ticket office on +46 (0)8-50 66 77 88 or by emailing

Have you found more problems?

We endeavour to continuously improve the accessibility of our website. If you discover a problem that is not described on this page, or if you feel that we are not compliant with the requirements of the law, please let us know. Notify us by email at so that we know there is a problem and can correct it.


The Agency for Digital Government is responsible for oversight of the Act on Access to Digital Public Services. If you are not satisfied with how we handle your views, you may contact the Agency for Digital Government and inform them.

You can contact the Agency for Digital Government here, opens in a new window

How we tested the website

Our supplier Funka Nu AB regularly reviews the website’s accessibility. The last review was conducted on 29 September 2020.

You may read the latest review here (link to PDF in Swedish), opens in a new window

About the website

The website was published in its current form on 14 January 2017.


The text was updated on 10 November 2022.