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Classical Futures Europe

Classical Futures Europe is an EU-funded programme to support young classical musicians’ opportunities for development while promoting creative initiatives for tomorrow’s music scene.

Classical Futures Europe is administered by the European Concert Hall Organisation (ECHO) which, through its 22 members, offers numerous opportunities for talented young classical musicians to grow. Supported by Classical Futures Europe, ECHO continually initiates new partnerships in classical music aiming to create appealing events for audiences and for gifted young musicians. 

Classical Futures Europe also makes it possible for Europe’s leading concert stages to explore together, both artistically and socially, the full potential of what an active and vibrant classical music scene means for musicians, concert stages, audiences – and ultimately, for a thriving, creative and productive social climate.

Thanks to Classical Futures Europe and support from the EU, many important projects have been able to be carried out at Konserthuset Stockholm.

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To be a successful classical musician, it is increasingly important to also be able to speak to the audience about the music you are playing. Classical Futures Europe makes it possible for the young musicians in Rising Stars to develop this facet

The RSPO Orchestra Academy, of the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, is a national music training programme. Classical Futures Europe has facilitated several special projects within the framework of this operation.

Kids from El Sistema Södertälje ask questions – and get answers from conductor Emilia Hoving.

In the Free Room to Play composition project, students from Kung Saga School in Hägersten explored music and emotions. Thanks to Classical Futures Europe, acclaimed French pianist Lise de la Salle participated in the final concert.

Konserthuset Stockholm has carried out a series of master classes in which international young musicians meet music students in Sweden.