Speaking to the audience

To be a successful classical musician, it is increasingly important to also be able to speak to the audience about the music you are playing. Classical Futures Europe makes it possible for the young musicians in Rising Stars to develop this facet of communication.

Since 2009, the European Concert Hall Organisation (ECHO) concert halls have successfully carried out a forward-looking partnership to give young musicians – Rising Stars – career opportunities in which each year, six young musicians and ensembles from different countries are appointed and given the chance to go on tour to all of the concert halls and perform for international audiences. Experience shows that those who are selected as Rising Stars also have internationally successful careers. 

At this year’s Rising Star weekend, together with Konserthuset Stockholm’s project manager Karina Svensson, the participating musicians will present some of the pieces they are performing. They will also talk about themselves and present an important musical memory that is of personal significance for them. The aim is to improve their communication skills and to make the digital concerts accessible and appealing, even for listeners who may be new to classical music.

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