Collaborations and Partnerships

Konserthuset Stockholm works with many different players in both ongoing collaborations and individual projects.

El Sistema Södertälje

El Sistema is a global music movement that gives kids and teens the chance to grow by playing music and singing together. In Sweden, this initiative is run primarily via local music and culture schools. El Sistema primarily works where the need is greatest and its operations also involve children’s families. The partnership with El Sistema Södertälje is an important part of Konserthuset and the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra’s dedication to young musicians. Konserthuset’s Executive and Artistic Director Stefan Forsberg is a member of the board of directors for the El Sistema Sweden Foundation.

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Project Playground

Konserthuset Stockholm’s main sponsor SEB initiated the collaboration between Project Playground and Konserthuset. Project Playground’s vision is that vulnerable children and youth strengthen their belief in the future and can positively influence their lives. In the collaboration between SEB, Project Playground, and Konserthuset, meaningful leisure activities are offered for improved well-being, including music activities and workshops for music creation. The experience concludes at Konserthuset with the enjoyment of a concert.

The Hans and Barbara Bergstrom Foundation

Region Stockholm’s grant to Konserthuset’s operations is supplemented with sponsorships and donations. The Hans and Barbara Bergstrom Foundation contributes to the summer musician programme and advanced training in the Orchestra Academy, and also enables school groups in Region Stockholm to attend school concerts for free.

Fritt Spelrum (Free Room to Play)

Konserthuset has a partnership with ensemble Fritt Spelrum, led by Lucy Rugman. Inclusive concerts are created here. Professional musicians hold workshops with students from schools for children with disabilities, culminating in a concert at Konserthuset.

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The Falun Conservatory of Music

In partnership with the Falun Conservatory of Music, new musical encounters are created among musicians of various ages and from different contexts. This is done through both concert projects, and master classes taught by Orchestra Academy musicians. El Sistema Södertälje’s chamber orchestra has also participated, in addition to Orphei Strängar from the Uppsala Culture School. 

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NOSPR and the Polish Ministry of Culture

Konserthuset Stockholm has carried out several collaborations with the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice (NOSPR). These were primarily paid for by the Polish Ministry of Culture within the framework of the Institutions of the Future programme – a part of the Inspiring Culture programme. The orchestra academies of both institutions have performed concerts together. 

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Sibelius Academy

With grants from the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation and Nordplus (Nordic Council of Ministers’ collaboration between the Nordic and Baltic countries), the Orchestra Academy has collaborated with the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, resulting in concerts in both Stockholm and Helsinki.

National centre for talent development

Musicians from the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra participate as teachers of several classes held within YOMA in Vänersborg, which draws talented, ambitious young musicians from around Sweden. YOMA stands for Young Musicians Academy.

Kompis Sverige (Buddy Sweden)

Kompis Sverige works with social activities at which new and established Swedes can meet. These activities contribute to language training for new Swedes and to mutual exchange of ideas and experiences for all participants. Konserthuset Stockholm has offered a number of concerts per year since early 2013.

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Kulturskolan (Culture Schools)

Konserthuset Stockholm collaborates on various projects with culture schools in the region and nationally. Culture schools also have the opportunity to present special activities in conjunction with concerts.

Music schools

Konserthuset and the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra collaborate with schools specialised in music in the Stockholm region, with both concerts and master classes.