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Merregnon: Land of Silence

World premiere! Merregnon: Land of Silence is the story of the orphan Miru, who embarks on an unforgettable adventure with her childhood friend Hikito and the trusty dog Mako. Their goal is to find out what is plaguing the Land of Silence, Merregnon.

Merregnon: Land of Silence is a ”Peter and the Wolf” for the Playstation generation. It is a performance created for families and children, an introduction to the wonder of symphonic sound. 

Merregnon is a fantastical world of its own, painted with beautiful images, captivating melodies and symphonic sounds. The story is by German children’s author Frauke Angel and the music is composed by Yoko Shimomura, one of the most prominent video game music composers of our time. She composed the music for internationally best-selling games like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy XV.

German producer Thomas Böcker is behind the idea. His past endeavours include the incredibly successful concerts of video game music such as Final Symphony and Symphonic Fantasies. He has said that Merregnon: Land of Silence is a symphonic fairy tale of courage, perseverance, solidarity and above all, freedom.

The performance was originally scheduled to have its premiere with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra in Konserthuset Stockholm in March 2021, but the pandemic made the plans. Instead, Merregnon gets its premiere as a specially produced concert film.

  • The music

  • Yoko Shimomura Merregnon: Land of Silence (concert arrangement by Jonne Valtonen)
  • Participants

  • Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Andreas Hanson conductor
  • Sofia Wilhelmina Mustaniemi narrator
  • World premiere 10 September 2021.
  • The video is approximately 45 minutes.
  • Subtitles in English, German, French, Japanese and Swedish are activated by using the CC control in the video player.