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FAQ about Konserthuset Play

The video archive on Konserthuset Play contains a unique trove of music. It has hundreds of videos from previous livestreams and concerts featuring the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, specially produced videos for children, jazz and chamber music. On this page, we have gathered our tips for how to best take advantage of our selection.

Where can I find your concert videos?

You can find a large selection in our Konserthuset Play streaming service. We have over 100 videos with everything from big symphonies to chamber music, jazz and fun videos for kids. Find the online version of Konserthuset Play here

Does it cost anything?

No, Konserthuset Play is completely free.

Do I need an account?

No, just surf over to Konserthuset Play and start watching.

How can I watch your videos on my TV?

There are different options for watching our videos on your TV. In all cases, you must play the videos from our website.

Using Chromecast

With a Chromecast device, you can cast the videos on your computer to your TV. Remember that you must use the Chrome web browser, and both of your devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network for this to work. You can read more about how to use Chromecast on Google’s support pages (opens in new window)

You can also cast the entire screen from an Android device (mobile phone or tablet). For this option, you will need to download the Google Home app. You can read more about how to cast from Android on Google’s support pages (opens in new window)

Using Airplay

You can stream our videos from your Mac to Apple TV via Airplay. You can do the same thing from your iOS device (iPhone or iPad).

You can use the Airplay symbol that appears in the player when you activate full screen mode or you can use screen mirroring.

On Apple's support pages, you can read more about streaming video using Airplay (opens in new window)

Using a cable

You can watch our videos on a big screen by connecting your computer, mobile phone or tablet to your TV or monitor with a cable or adapter.

How do I find what I am interested in?

Use the search box on the Play page. Enter the name of a musician or composer you are curious about. You can also search for the name of a piece. When you start writing in the search box, you will receive suggestions based on the available content.

Can I search for videos in a specific genre?

Yes, you can. There are categories under the search box. For example, you can select “Jazz” to filter out everything except this category. A black-marked button indicates which category(s) you have chosen.

I’m not getting any hits when I search for a name or title.

Make sure you have not already filtered the search hits by genre. Black-marked categories indicate your filters. Click “Clear filters” to start over with a new search or filter.