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The clowns and the orchestra

The clowns Manne and Maria joke and play with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra in a performance with laugh-out-loud funny games, classic gems and songs in which the audience is invited to join in and sing.

Manne the clown is not just any old jester. In an ancient European oral comic tradition, with roots in commedia dell’arte, he makes audiences laugh. Audiences enjoy a heavy dose of circus-clownery and Manne’s inviting personality. We cannot help but like the friendly and somewhat bumbling character, who means so well and who, with the help of the audience, always succeeds in the end. 

For several years, Manne has worked with his daughter Maria and they hold a dialogue with the kids in the audience, which gives the experience a strong sense of the here and now. The child inside the old clown meets the child inside each and every audience member. In the introduction, we get to follow along as the clowns apply makeup in the dressing room, and we understand that everything is carefully prepared with strong, bold colours which help the audience realise that this is above and beyond the ordinary. 

  • Participants

  • Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Andreas Alin conductor
  • Manne and Maria clowns
  • Anna Wirdefelt violin
  • Filmed in March 2012. 
  • The video is approximately 42 minutes. 
  • Subtitles in English and Swedish is activated by using the CC control in the video player.

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