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Genre: Chamber music

Tailleferre Impromptu

Charm and fantasy in French music for piano.

Genre: Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra

Beethoven From Piano Concerto No. 5

Beethoven’s last piano concerto is charged with contrasts and pathos.

Genre: Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, Organ

Albinoni From Adagio

Baroque-style music that was not composed by Albinoni.

Genre: Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra

Nørgård From For a Change

Innovative, playful and magically shimmering music by a Danish doyen of composition.

Genre: Chamber music, Organ

Widor From Organ Symphony No. 5

Symphonic music for organ.

Genre: Chamber music, Organ

Andrée From Five Smaller Tone Pictures

Music by Sweden’s first female cathedral organist and orchestral conductor.

Genre: Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra

Strauss From Also sprach Zarathustra

Orchestral magnificence in Strauss’ renowned tone poem.

Genre: Chamber music

Rimskij-Korsakov The Flight of the Bumble Bee

Virtuosic music at the edge of extremes.

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