The orchestral instruments

A series of playful videos on how the instruments used in a symphony orchestra function and sound. The videos can be used in the classroom and are primarily intended for students in grades 1-3 – but curious people of all ages can benefit from them! The series about the orchestral instruments is produced with the support of Konserthuset Stockholm's main sponsor SEB.

Genre: For the younger

The violins

They are not the biggest, but the most. Many times there are 30 violins playing together in the symphony orchestra. The instrument has four strings and the musician uses a bow to create the sound.

Genre: For the younger

The violas

The viola is an instrument that often is heard in the middle of the orchestra’s great sound – as the most delicious filling in a cake!

Genre: For the younger

The violoncellos

The cello is the second largest of string instruments, and it can really "sing" melodies beautifully; maybe that is one of the reasons why there are so many famous concertos for the instrument.

Genre: For the younger

The double basses

The double bass is the biggest string instrument in the orchestra. It emits low and muted tones, sometimes rhythmic, sometimes long, but almost always incredibly powerful.

Genre: For the younger

The flutes

Flutes have existed in all times and in all cultures and there are many, many variants. How many are there within the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra?

Genre: For the younger

The oboes

Come along to the reed workshop! The orchestra's oboists show how they transform large reeds from the Mediterranean area to a part of their instrument.

Genre: For the younger

The clarinets

The clarinet produces a sound that can be soft and stealthily cat-like, but also shrill and intense. And everything in between. In this video you will meet the four clarinet players of the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra.

Genre: For the younger

The bassoons

The Bare Necessities! The bassoon players of the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra play the famous Baloo song – and many other tunes – when they showcase their fantastic instruments.

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