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Discover the music with us!

We want to give children and young people the opportunity to discover the music we play, something the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra has done for over 100 years!

The basis of Konserthus Stockholm's school programme are the school concerts that are offered every season for different age groups, from preschool to high school. In addition, we offer guided tours with educators, field trips, educational videos, filmed concerts and miniseries at Konserthuset Play. More information about the different activities can be found here below.

For kindergarten, 3–5 years. January 2023. A new music saga with three double basses and a harp. Together with the narrator Ida Lod, we are part of the magical and exciting story of how the elephant got its trunk.

For preschool. February 2023. A sing-a-long concert with wonderful music. With the help of music, we set out on a journey of discovery in the world of numbers – which can be full of intricacies.

Experience a real rehearsal by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and watch up close as they tune up for a forthcoming concert.

For kindergarten, 3–5 years. May 2023. Discover the orchestra's brass instruments in a classical concert with listening games, together with a music teacher.

For preschool class and up. March 2023. Experience the story of orphan Miru, who embarks on an unforgettable adventure with her friend Hikito and the trusty dog Mako. Their goal is to find out what is plaguing the Land of Silence, Merregnon.

We want to give the next generation the chance to discover the music we offer. We therefore focus on having a comprehensive and broad offering for children and adolescents.

A 15-video series about the various orchestral instruments is available completely free for use in teaching – or to watch at home – via Konserthuset’s video service.

With over a hundred musicians on stage, a conductor and sometimes even one or more soloists, the main hall is filled with a tangible energy. And everything happens there and then, live!

Young people up to 26 years have a 50 percent discount on the ticket price! A seat in the choir stand – with a perfect view of the orchestra – only costs 60 SEK.