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Gade Tango Jalousie

Jacob Gade’s Tango Jalousie is one of the most played melodies in the world. Here, we hear an arrangement that is equal parts imaginative and sweetly romantic by Mats Nilsson, who also conducts.

In the introduction, we hear the broad register of the entire woodwind section, from the low chuckle of the bassoons to the clarinet’s dizzying capacity to soar and set the music swinging. Soon comes the famous theme that made Tango Jalousie a global hit.

Passion and all-consuming melancholy, the typical characteristics of tango, permeate the swinging melody, which also radiates powerful impressions of the mid-1920s, when the Danish composer Jacob Gade wrote it. He had been to the US a few years earlier and played in New York orchestras, but returned home and was hired as a conductor at Palads Teatret in Copenhagen.

When the American movie “Don Q, Son of Zorro”, a silent film starring Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Astor, was to have its Danish gala premiere, Jacob Gade was asked to compose a special melody. The result was Tango Jalousie, also known as Jalousie, Tango Tsigane. No one at the time could have known it would become one of the world’s most played melodies. 

  • The music

  • Jacob Gade Tango Jalousie
  • Participants

  • The woodwind section of the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Mats Nilsson conductor
  • Filmed in January 2014.
  • The video is approximately 6 minutes.

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