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For more than 100 years, the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra has put children at the center. Through school concerts and family performances, the younger generation is given the opportunity to discover classical music in an imaginative and fun way.

Genre: For the younger

Baltic – The Environmental Robot

Together with Baltic, we will save the Baltic Sea – our shared ocean.

Genre: For the younger

Merregnon: Land of Silence

Merregnon: Land of Silence is the story of the orphan Miru, who embarks on an unforgettable adventure with her childhood friend Hikito and the trusty dog Mako. Their goal is to find out what is plaguing the Land of Silence, Merregnon.

Genre: For the younger

Trills and Dragon Ears

Become familiar with the different instruments of the symphony orchestra. Family concert with texts by Lennart Hellsing and illustrations by
Ane Gustavsson. Emilia Hoving conducts the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra.

Genre: For the younger, Interviews and portraits

El Sistema meets Emilia Hoving

How do you become a conductor? Kids from El Sistema Södertälje ask questions – and get answers from conductor Emilia Hoving.

Genre: For the younger

My Blue Rhapsody

My Blue Rhapsody is an important performance about bullying and its consequences. Using the music of George Gershwin, we shift between a dream state and reality, between the present and past, in the protagonist’s struggle to boldly face reality.

Genre: For the younger

El Sistema National Orchestra

During the autumn holidays, the El Sistema National Orchestra held a music camp in Södertälje and Stockholm – and as the grande finale a concert was held at Konserthuset Stockholm!

Genre: For the younger

Peter and the Wolf

Experience one of the most beloved musical fairy tales of our time. Alexander Hanson leads the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra in Prokofiev’s painterly music. The storyteller is actor Andreas Rothlin Svensson.

Genre: For the younger

Mr van B

Join Mr van B the puppet in Ludwig van Beethoven’s fantastic world of music. Some of Beethoven’s best-known works are presented here with humour and whimsy. Alexander Hanson leads the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra.

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