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Trios by Norman and Brahms

Members of the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra form a piano trio.

Music of the late 1900s by two contemporary composers: Swedish Ludvig Norman (1831–85) and Johannes Brahms (1833–97). We hear Amus Kerstin Andersson, alternate section leader of the second violins and Mikael Sjögren, alternate solo cellist together with the orchestra pianist Stefan Lindgren.

Stockholm born Ludvig Norman was well acquainted with central European trends and studied in Leipzig. His first piano trio from 1849 was composed during his study period in Leipzig, where the young Swede soon took part in the rich cultural life of the city. Norman was a keen concert-goer and what he experienced in Leipzig surely made a big impression.

Johannes Brahms’ first piano trio take on almost symphonic proportions. But after some critical remarks from Clara Schumann, Brahms great and unrequited love, the piece came close to be destroyed. Luckily, the ever self-critical composer revised the music several decades later, and it is this version that is commonly performed.

  • The music

  • Ludvig Norman Piano Trio No. 1
  • Johannes Brahms Piano Trio No. 1
  • Participants

  • Amus Kerstin Andersson violin
  • Mikael Sjögren cello
  • Stefan Lindgren piano
  • From a livestream 28 May 2020.
  • The video is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes.

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