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Four composers

The magical notes of Amanda Maier-Röntgen, Amy Beach, and more.

Accompanied by musicians from the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, at this Soup Concert we will hear Finnish-Swedish soprano Christin Högnabba present music by four composers: Amanda Maier-Röntgen, Amy Beach, Nadia Boulanger and Paula af Malmborg Ward.

Amanda Maier-Röntgen composed her Violin Sonata while in Leipzig, where she went after graduating in Sweden with a degree in music direction. In a letter from 13 July 1874, she describes the sonata as “a little wild”, but also points out that if performed well, it sounds “not bad, which I have both heard and done in Leipzig”.

After American Amy Beach’s (1867–1944) delightfully loving Chanson d’amour, we will hear Nadia Boulanger’s Three pieces for cello and piano. In the first piece, the cello sings expressively over the glittering piano; the second piece is more introspective and contemplative, which is contrasted in the rhythmically energetic third piece.

Paula af Malmborg Ward is one of the country’s most acclaimed composers and she has written numerous works for the stage, as well as orchestral pieces and chamber music. Her music is often multifaceted and high-energy, as in The Magic Tone, with lyrics by Ulla-Britt Edberg.

  • The music

  • Amanda Maier-Röntgen Sonata in b minor for violin and piano
  • Amy Beach Chanson d’amour
  • Nadia Boulanger Three Pieces for cello and piano
  • Paula af Malmborg Ward The Magic Tone for soprano and piano trio
  • Participants

  • Christin Högnabba soprano
  • Lola Torrente violin
  • Hanna Dahlkvist cello
  • Stefan Lindgren piano
  • Published online 4 December 2020. 
  • Filmed 3 December 2020.
  • The video is approximately 40 minutes.

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