International Composer Festival with Sir James MacMillan

This year's International Composer Festival is dedicated to the Scottish composer Sir James MacMillan, one of the truly great composers of our time.

James MacMillan (born 1959) writes music that combines gripping emotional power with spiritual concentration, rooted in his Catholic faith. Chief Conductor Ryan Bancroft conducts the festival opening and has also testified to the significant influence MacMillan's music has had on his career choice.


  • Genre: Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra

    Sir James MacMillan is the composer of the year and Chief Conductor Ryan Bancroft opens the festival.

    Thursday 14 November 2024 19.00
  • Genre: Orchestral performance

    Guest performance by the Swedish Chamber Orchestra with award-winning Swedish violinist Ava Bahari.

    Friday 15 November 2024 19.00
  • Genre: Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra

    New music by Sir James MacMillan with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra led by Chief Conductor Ryan Bancroft.

    Saturday 16 November 2024 15.00
  • Genre: Chamber music

    Philharmonic musicians together with the Zilliacus Quartet as the festival with Sir James MacMillan's music comes to an end.

    Sunday 17 November 2024 15.00