Rent the Aulin Auditorium

A modern, light hall, the perfect venue for your company to host a meeting or presentation.

Located at the top of the building, the Aulin Hall isn’t the first thing you’d associate with Konserthuset Stockholm. Aulin foregoes historical charm, intricate decoration and unique detail in favour of a modern, light setting, the perfect venue for your company to hold a meeting or presentation.

The hall can be reconfigured, with a gallery for large meetings involving many people or a U-shape formation for smaller events. Perfect for mingling, lunch events or breakfast seminars.  

Want a little extra? Let us know if you want to purchase tickets for the evening concert or enjoy a guided tour when visiting the venue. 


  • The Hall is suitable for parties of 20–140 people (maximum of 143 in the audience).
  • It has its own stairway enclosure, with a lift.
  • Wi-Fi available.
  • Guests can mingle/enjoy tea or coffee outside the hall.


For enquiries regarding halls, availability and technology, etc., please contact our team on +46 (0) 8-786 02 12, or email