The Grünewald Hall

In 1926, Isaac Grünewald (1889–1946) was given only six months to decorate the interior of what was first known as the Small auditorium, and although it was his first commission of this type, he rose to the task with aplomb.

The Italian Renaissance, Greek myths and musical history

This chamber music hall features a warm ambience and intimate beauty. In just six months, the artist Isaac Grünewald filled the walls and ceilings with his flowingly sensual “body music”.

He drew inspiration from the grandly decorated rooms of Italian Renaissance palaces, with motifs evoking classical Greek myths and the history of music. The large ceiling painting depicts Apollo, god of the sun and music, grasping for the sun’s rays, which form the strings of a lyre. Beethoven’s features, among other things, can be discerned in the right hand corner at the front.

The walls are divided into sections of stucco pilasters by Gustav Cederwall. The lights are the originals and were designed by Robert Hult, at Tengbom Architects. Hult designed most of the lighting appearing in Konserthuset's public spaces. Stronger lighting, such as spotlights and floodlights, was added later. The architectonically designed curtain was weaved by Elsa Gullberg in line with Tengbom’s vision, however, the original became worn and was replaced by a newly produced copy by Astrid Sampe. 

The Grünewald Hall can accommodate up to 460 people.

Meticulous restoration work

The Grünewald Hall was painstakingly restored during the summer of 1994, with new artwork emerging from decades of dust. Among other improvements, adjustments were made to the stage, enabling a podium to be raised in the centre of the hall.

The Grünewald Hall foyer

The foyer in the Grünewald Hall is dominated by its distinctive carpet, spanning 76 square metres, which shows how Isaac Grünewald was inspired by the sun-baked Minoan culture on the island of Crete. The original carpet was hand-weaved at the Bror Höögs weaving house, outside Borås.

A copy of the original, which had become worn, was laid in 1987, and there was no carpet in the foyer for a number of years. The carpet is encircled by dark mahogany columns incorporating bronze capitals, supporting a white arched oval which is illuminated by lights concealed by gilded leaves.

Isaac Grünewald's sketches

In 2006, an exhibition including sketches of Isaac Grünewald’s wall and ceiling paintings was added to the promenade in the stalls which links the Grünewald and Main Halls. These were generously donated by Björn Grünewald.