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LvB250 – Beethoven´s Cello Sonatas

Philharmonic Up Close: five cellists, five cello sonatas by Beethoven.

Beethoven’s five cello sonatas span his entire creative lifetime and the three major phases into which his compositions are usually divided. As a result, this Philharmonic Up Close concert offers a fascinating panorama of the 250-year celebration of Beethoven’s development.

These sonatas will be performed in chronological order by five different cellists from the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra’s cello section. From the 25-year-old Beethoven who met the cello-playing Dupont brothers in Berlin and composed the first and second sonatas, to the final two, which were written for the prominent cellist Joseph Linke – who also gave the world premiere of quartets and trios by Beethoven. In between we will hear Sonata No. 3, composed in 1808 and perhaps the most beloved of the cello sonatas. Beethoven was already essentially deaf by that time.

Early Beethoven, middle Beethoven, and late Beethoven – all seen through the lens of the cello sonatas. Hanna Dalhlkvist has been a member of the orchestra since 2015, Cecilia Glaser has been a member since 1992, Marie Macleod has been a member and solo cellist since 2013, Åsa Strid has been a member since 2003 and Kajsa William-Olsson has been a member since 1995.


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