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Composer Weekend – Tommie Haglund

28–31 March 2019. The Stockholm Composer Weekend focus one of Scandinavia’s most distinctive and visionary composers.

Tommie Haglund is one of Scandinavia’s most distinctive and visionary composers. Hearing his music is like finding yourself in a uniquely sonically beautiful cosmos in which darkness is fully present, but so too is an irrepressible, life-giving light. 

Tommie Haglund is acclaimed both at home in Sweden and internationally. In 2014 he was awarded one of the finest awards a Nordic composer can receive: the Royal Swedish Academy of Music’s major Christ Johnson Prize, with the statement: “With liberating gravity and a personalised appeal, Tommie Haglund welcomes listeners to his poetic universe.” Now he is at the centre of Konserthuset Stockholm’s Composer Weekend.

At the opening concert, the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra will give the world premiere of a newly composed symphony. About the music, Tommie Haglund says: “Emanuel Swedenborg says that true innocence is found in nothing other than wisdom. That a person is wiser the more innocent she is. But we live in a time when innocence can almost be considered a joke. That says quite a bit about our time and our need for access to an inner state that can resist all of these threats. My symphony is an attempt to describe my feelings about this, to the best of my ability. I have tried to weave in diabolical, painful and dreamily illuminated states. Like life itself.” 

During the festival, Haglund’s acclaimed solo concertos will also be performed, including the violin concerto Hymnen an die Nacht, Hymns to the Night, with Russian Ilya Gringolts performing the solo, and the cello concerto Flaminis aura with Armenian Narek Hakhnazaryan as the soloist. Yes indeed, Swedish Tommie Haglund’s music is also an international affair.


  • Genre: Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra

    A newly composed symphony by Tommie Haglund at the Composer Weekend inauguration.

    Thursday 28 March 2019 19.00
  • Genre: Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra

    Flaminis Aura is a cello concerto unlike anything else.

    Saturday 30 March 2019 15.00
  • Genre: Chamber music

    Among spirits and souls at the festival finale.

    Sunday 31 March 2019 15.00