Stockholm Concert Hall Foundation

Stockholm Concert Hall Foundation is a non-profit foundation.

The bylaws stipulate that the Stockholm Concert Hall Foundation is “intended to realise artistic and cultural aims”. It shall pursue active music operations by giving concerts, and for this purpose it shall “maintain and preserve” a fixed orchestra in Stockholm, called the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra.

Resources permitting, it shall also actively promote other activities that directly or indirectly encourage an interest in music and increase the musical offering. Stockholm Concert Hall Foundation also owns and manages the Konserthuset building. The building stands on land which the foundation has hired through an advantageous 100-year contract.

The vision is for Konserthuset Stockholm to be one of Europe’s most innovative and accessible concert halls. Its offering shall be of the highest international quality. The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra shall be one of the music world’s most discussed and respected orchestras, continuously recognised for its high quality and musical curiosity. 

Region Stockholm is the primary financier of the foundation. Subsidies for 2019 amounted to SEK 155 million.

SEB is a primary sponsor of Konserthuset Stockholm and the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, in a multi-year partnership that has been ongoing since 2005.