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Organ Recital

Experience the grand concert hall organ in all its glory. In this concert film you will hear music by, among others, Valborg Aulin and Johann Sebastian Bach. Konserthuset Stockholm’s organist Ulf Norberg is performing.

Ulf Norberg, Konserthuset Stockholm’s organist since 2013, plays several unusual and exciting pieces by Swedish composers.

Ika Peyron (1845-1922) was a composer, pianist and organist, but primarily wrote songs, piano pieces and music for choir, as well as a few pieces for large organ, which we will hear now.

Valborg Aulin was a famous figure in Stockholm’s music scene in the late nineteenth century. Much of her inspiration came from France and Ulf Norberg will perform her only piece for solo organ, Meditation.

Gustaf Mankell (1812−1880) was born in Denmark but worked in Sweden. In addition to composing loads of organ music, he is known as the inspiration for the music professor in August Strindberg’s novel The Romantic Organist on Rånö.

Stefan Lindblad (born 1958) has written many organ pieces, among them a series of ”hommages” dedicated to great composers. In this case, we hear his  hommage to Debussy.

In the original, Bach’s Chaconne in D minor comprised the fifth and last movement from the second partita for solo violin. With its explosively dramatic force, emotional intensity and complex structure, this music has captivated great soloists as well as other composers throughout the years. Chaconne has been arranged for formats ranging from other solo instruments to chamber ensemble and orchestra. Here, we will hear it performed in an arrangement for organ.

  • The music

  • Ika Peyron Two Pieces for large organ
  • Valborg Aulin Meditation for organ
  • Gustaf Mankell Concertante Pedal Study for organ
  • Stefan Lindblad Meditation: Hommage à Claude Debussy for organ
  • Johann Sebastian Bach Chaconne in d minor BWV 1004, version for organ arr David Rogers/Ulf Norberg
  • Participants

  • Ulf Norberg organ
  • Published online 17 October 2021. 
  • Filmed 14 October 2021.
  • The video is approximately 45 minutes.
  • Subtitles in English and Swedish is activated by using the CC control in the video player.

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