Composer Weekend with Lisa Streich

Discover Lisa Streich at this year’s composer weekend.

Swedish composer Lisa Streich, born in 1985 in Värmland, has garnered more and more international acclaim in recent years. Her orchestral works have been performed by elite orchestras in Germany, including the Berliner Philharmoniker. At Composer Weekend 2024, she will finally have a major presentation in Sweden. Her music is bold and deeply original; it is often as if she were “directing” the sound, instruments and music, generating an experience that is visual and musical in equal measure. She sculpts her works into being and the orchestra is like a beating heart, like something with wings. Meanwhile, the instruments are sometimes motorized – and what does a violin or piano sound like then? 


  • Genre: Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra

    Music with wings and the world premiere of a new trumpet concerto. Executive and Artistic Director Stefan Forsberg hosts and introduces the concert.

    Thursday 11 April 2024 19.00
  • Genre: Orchestral performance

    Norrköping Symphony Orchestra performs at the festival dedicated to Lisa Streich.

    Friday 12 April 2024 19.00
  • Genre: Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra

    Powerfully visual orchestral music and a new trumpet concerto.

    Saturday 13 April 2024 15.00
  • Genre: Chamber music

    Concluding chamber concert with Lisa Streich.

    Sunday 14 April 2024 15.00