Laura Stephenson

Member of the orchestra since 1992.

Laura Stephenson has been the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra’s harpist since 1992. She was born and educated in Canada, where she studied primarily with Judy Loman and also pursued orchestral studies with Alice Chalifoux. Stephenson was a solo harp player in the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony and the Canadian Chamber Ensemble. Stephenson is deeply interested in contemporary music and a member of KammarensembleN.

She is also an active chamber musician and has performed at the Gotland Chamber Music Festival, Lappland’s Festspel festival, Saxå Chamber Music Festival and the Turku Music Festival. In addition, she has participated in a number of international contemporary music festivals with KammarensembleN. She has also participated in Konserthuset’s Philharmonic Up-Close chamber music subscription on many occasions. 

In addition to her musical career, Laura Stephenson teaches at the Lilla Akademien school in Stockholm. She was named Philharmonic Member of the Year in 2007.