Mats Nilsson

Member of the orchestra since 1985.

Mats Nilsson has been a member of the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra since 1985. Previously, he was section leader with the Gävle Symphony Orchestra from 1977-1985. He studied at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm with Thorvald Fredin and has also studied conducting with Myers Foggin and Jorma Panula.

In addition to playing in the orchestra, over the years Mats Nilsson has also alternated orchestral performance with freelance assignments such as conducting and arranging for numerous private theatres, including in performances of Cats and Kristina from Duvemåla. He has also conducted many orchestras, such as the Gävle Symphony Orchestra, Östersunds Orkesterförening (Östersund Orchestra Association), Sandviken Symphony Orchestra, Stavanger Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra.

Mats Nilsson, who also plays electric bass, is active as a composer and arranger for several professional institutions and theatres, and he teaches double bass at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and Mälardalen University.