Konserthuset Stockholm is to be accessible to everyone. Work is currently under way to improve the physical environment at the venue. We welcome ideas and feedback on how we can best meet your needs.

Entrances and foyers

  • At the main entrance from Hötorget, there is a ramp which leads to the entrance doors, with door openers. 
  • The outer automatic door opens to a width of 75 cm. Including the second door skin (which can be opened by an usher), the opening is 150 cm in total. The inner automatic double doors open to a width of 140 cm. The channel between the two doors is 230 cm in depth. The outer and inner doors open outwards simultaneously through elbow contact. 
  • There are 11.5 degree gradient accessibility ramps between the Main foyer and the cloakroom level. These ramps are 90 cm in width and are equipped with handrails on both sides at a height of 90 cm.
  • The box office can be accessed from street level on Sveavägen via a 4.5 degree gradient ramp, and from the corner of Sveavägen/Kungsgatan, via a 9.5 degree gradient ramp. Both entrances have automatic doors, opening to a width of 120 cm. 
  • The top and bottom steps of the foyers’ staircases are marked. Work is also under way to contrast-mark staircases and height differences inside the halls. 


A manned lift is accessible from the metro exit to Konserthuset (Kungsgatan 41) and from the box office. The lift usually opens one hour before the concert starts, and goes to the majority of floors. 

How to access each hall via the entrance lift

The lift door opens to a width of 89 cm. The lift cage measures 168 x 150 cm. There are handrails on two sides of the lift, 89 cm in height. There is a folding chair, 47 cm in height. The lift’s call button is at a height of 97.5 cm. 

The entrance to the lift from street level has an automatic door, 108 cm in width. 

Stairlift to the Grünewald Hall foyer

There is a stairlift between the stalls level and the Grünewald Hall foyer. The lift doors open to a width of 100 cm. The lift cage measures 140 x 110 cm. There is a handrail at a height of 89 cm. There is a folding chair at a height of 47 cm. A maximum weight of 500 kg/3 persons applies. The lift is operated by an usher.

Wheelchair places

Konserthuset Stockholm is accessible for wheelchair bound spectators accompanied by attendants. To book wheelchair places, contact the box office on +46 8 50 66 77 88. One attendant is admitted free of charge. 

Wheelchair places in the Main Hall

  • Right hand stalls, row 10, seat 330
  • Left hand stalls, row 10, seat 298
  • First balcony, back of the stage to the right, row 3, seat 1464
  • First balcony, back of the stage to the left, row 3, seat 1451
  • First balcony, left hand side, row 4, seat 1515
  • First balcony, right hand side, row 4, seat 1516

Wheelchair places in the Grünewald Hall

  • Left hand stalls, row 8, seat 150
  • Left hand stalls, row 12, seat 230

Wheelchair places in the Aulin Auditorium

  • Different places

Hearing aids

Hearing loops are provided in the Main and Grünewald Halls. Adjust hearing aids to T or MT mode.

The Aulin Auditorium is equipped with portable hearing loops which can be hung around the neck. If you require a hearing loop, speak to one of our ushers on duty. 

Each cash desk in the box office is fitted with a hearing loop.


  • One attendant is admitted free of charge.
  • Guide dogs are welcome.

Accessible toilets

There are accessible toilets on the stalls level between the Main and Grünewald Halls, at the Aulin Auditorium and in the box office.

Hypersensitivity to fragrances

Konserthuset Stockholm uses cleaning agents recommended by Stockholm County Council. Both spectators and artists are asked to show consideration by using strong perfumes moderately. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in Konserthuset Stockholm.


Evacuation equipment is provided for those with impaired mobility.


The Konserthuset Stockholm website conforms to accessibility guidelines outlined by WCAG 2. AA as well the official guidelines for web development in the public sector in Sweden.

With the BrowseAloud service, users can have all content read out, while the text is visually indicated through subtitles or focus/dimming. Users can set the appearance of the text themselves. You can activate the BrowseAloud service as soon as you enter the website by clicking on the BrowseAloud icon in the header.

Content is provided in Swedish as well as English. 

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