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At the venue

A visit to Konserthuset Stockholm begins in our foyers. Arrive at the venue in good time and enjoy our beautiful building.


We provide both manned and unmanned cloakrooms. Items left in the manned cloakroom cost 20 SEK (adults) and 10 SEK (children). There is no charge for items left in the unmanned cloakroom.

The cloakrooms in the Main Hall are located beside the Main foyer and at the sides of the second balcony. There are also cloakrooms next to the Grünewald Hall as well as Aulin Auditorium.

To ensure evacuation routes, it is not permitted to bring bulky items in the auditoriums. Such items are to be left in the cloakrooms.

Food and drinks

Please pre-order your food and drinks before the concert either online or in our ticket office. You can pre-order food and drinks for intermission at one of our bars before the concert. 

Read more about food and drinks at Konserthuset

Service in the main foyer will open an hour and a half before the concert in the Main Hall, and the balcony bars open one hour before the concert.

For concerts in Grünewald Hall, service ordinarily begins one hour before the concert. 


Refreshment stalls are located in the Main foyer and on both sides of the first and second balconies. There is another stall in the foyer of the Grünewald Hall, which is open during concerts held in the venue. 

Refreshment stalls open one hour before the concert begins.

Pre-order and enjoy during interval

To get the most out of the interval, we recommend pre-ordering food and drink before the concert begins. You can pre-order at any of our refreshment points in the venue. 

There are also a selection of items for sale at our cloakrooms during the interval.

The bell, interval and finishing times

The bell rings for the first time around five minutes before the concert begins. When it rings for the second time, there are around three minutes left until the performance begins. On the third bell, just a few minutes remain until the auditorium doors are closed. 

For most concerts, there is an interval of 25 minutes.

Estimated finishing times for concerts will be posted here on the website. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of finishing times.


  • The Main Hall: There are toilets nearby the cloakrooms beside the Main foyer and to the sides of the second balcony. The toilets on the first balcony can be accessed via the staircase in the Grünewald Hall, at the corner between the left hand side and the rear. 
  • The Grünewald Hall: There are toilets in the staircase between the gallery and the stalls. From the gallery, you can also access the toilets to the sides of the second balcony.
  • The Aulin Auditorium: Toilets can be found at the cloakrooms.
  • There are accessible toilets at the cloak rooms on the left side of the Main foyer, on the stalls level between the Main and Grünewald Halls, at the Aulin Auditorium and in the box office.

Dress code

There is no formal dress code when visiting Konserthuset Stockholm. Specific dress guidelines only apply during special occasions, such as the Nobel Prize Concert.


Keep in mind that other members of the audience may be sensitive to strong scents. Refrain from using perfumes and hairspray to ensure allergy sufferers and those who are sensitive to scents can also enjoy their visit. 

Front of House staff

Our ushers are on site before, during and after the concert to give you all the help you need. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. 


Konserthuset Stockholm has three defibrillators, as well as staff trained to use them, in the event someone suffers cardiac arrest. 

Lost property

Forgotten something? Then contact us as soon as possible on + 46 8 786 02 00 or email