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Food and drinks

Add a touch of luxury to your concert experience with delicious food and drinks in Carotte´s restaurant before the concert or pre-book your intermission service on arrival. We offer a generous selection of drinks and small bites to choose from.

A total experience

Enjoy well-prepared food and selected drinks both before the concert and during intermission, served by Carotte. Carotte is a Stockholm-based catering company with over 30 years of experience. Everything is made from scratch in their own kitchen and bakery, from carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality. 

Carotte Konserthuset

Before the concert you can start with a bite to eat or a drink in Carotte's restaurant next to the box office. The restaurant is open Monday–Tuesday 7.30–14.00, Wednesday–Friday 7.30–19.00 and Saturday 11.00–19.00. If you wish to book a table, email time, day and number to

Enjoy a meal in the Main Foyer before concert

Pre-service is offered before most concerts in the Main Hall. Choose from a number of delicious small dishes served in glass jars, soups, wraps and much more. In addition, there are several different types of wine by the glass, specially selected to suit the different dishes.

At the moment we can only serve sitting guests. We therefore recommend you to pre-order your meal and beverage, to secure seats. This can be done up to 48 hours before the concert. Your order will then be presented one and a half hours before the concert starts. Book one of our recommended dishes to be guaranteed a seat in the Main foyer's comfortable furniture.

Pre-order your meal and bevarage

Pre-order your intermission service on site

Intermission service is only served sitting down at a table. We therefore recommend you to pre-order food and drinks for the intermission at the bar in the Main Foyer when you arrive to the concert. This regardless to where you are seated in the Hall. In the intermission, please go directly to your pre-booked table. We currently only accept credit cards in the bars.