Welcome inside

The columns and the large copper ports makes an impressive main entrance to Konserthuset Stockholm. But there are also other entrances to our beautiful venue!

Opening hours during concerts

Concerts in the Main Hall

  • 90 minutes before a concert (except for Family, Organ and School concerts).
  • Family concert: 60 minutes before the concert.
  • Organ Concert and School Concert: 30 minutes before the concert.

Concerts in the Grünewald Hall

  • 60 minutes before the concert (except for the Sopp, Family and School concerts).
  • Sopp Concert: 45 minutes before concert.
  • Family Concert and School Concert: 30 minutes before concert.

Our entrances

  • Enter the Main Hall from Hötorget via the main entrance or via the entrance next to the box office. 
  • The entrance to the Grünewald Hall is on Kungsgatan 43.
  • The entrance to the Aulin Auditorium is on Hötorget 12. The entrance can be found on the side of Konserthuset Stockholm which faces the tall buildings beside Hötorget.

Detailed information on Konserthuset Stockholm’s entrances

To ensure evacuation routes are kept clear, prams may not be taken into the halls or foyers. They may be left at a designated location in the vestibule inside the main entrance from Hötorget.

Entrance lift

The lift is accessible from the tube station exit to Konserthuset Stockholm (Kungsgatan 41) and from the box office. We normally open the lift at the same time as the other entrances.

  • Main Hall: You can gain access to all floors (cloakrooms, stalls, first and second balcony) directly using the lift. 
  • The Grünewald Hall: You can access the Grünewald Hall stalls via the lift. Our ushers will show you the way. There are two steps between the lift level and the Grünewald Hall stalls level, with a stairlift located in between. You can access the Grünewald Hall gallery via the lift and the foyers on the second balcony. Our ushers can help you here too. 
  • The Aulin Auditorium: You can access the Aulin Auditorium via the lift. Our ushers will show you the way through the corridor between the lift and auditorium.

Detailed information about the lifts at Konserthuset Stockholm