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You don’t need to be an expert to attend a concert. But if you are interested in finding out more about the music performed and the artists appearing, we offer introductory as well as more in-depth information.


Concert programmes are normally available from the box office around two weeks before the event, or on the day of the concert in our foyers. Programmes provide information about the music being performed as well as the artists participating. Price: 20 SEK. 

Subscribers can arrange to have a programme mailed to them in advance. 

For certain concerts, a simple guide is given out free of charge on the day. This usually applies to family concerts, organ matinees, “soup” concerts and jazz concerts. 

Festival books

Ahead of our festivals, we publish special books containing portrait articles and essays, comments and notes on specific works and often unique photographic material. Prices range from 40 SEK. 

15-minute introductions (Konsertkvarten) 

Prior to the majority of our concerts held in the Main Hall, you can listen to a 15-minute introduction to the forthcoming performance, with expert speakers presenting the evening’s programme in a light manner. The introduction takes place on the staircase towards the left hand stalls. Starting 45 minutes before the concert, this is included in the price of the ticket. The introduction is held in Swedish.

You can find information about the 15-minute introduction provided for each performance here at our website. 

Concert introductions

During festivals and special occasions, we provide more in-depth introductions or meetings with composers. Starting one hour before the concert, this is usually included in the price of the ticket. For more information, see the programme at our website. 

Guided tours

Experiencing the Konserthuset building yourself and discovering the richly detailed adornments when you have the public spaces to yourself can be an incredible experience. The ambitious tour of Konserthuset’s art and architecture is given regularly throughout the year, and is supplemented by tours for children and Nobel-themed tours. 

Guided tours