Stockholm Composer Weekend

Stockholm Composer Weekend – with Sweden in focus. When the huge Stockholm International Composer Festival had been around for 20 years, yet another regularly recurring festival for new music was born. An annual Composer Weekend has been held each spring since the 2005/06 season. It is a complement to the autumn’s Composer Festival.

The ideas behind the Stockholm Composer Weekend resemble those behind the Stockholm International Composer Festival, except that the spring festival focuses on composers who are active in Sweden.

Otherwise, the concept is the same as the initial Composer Festival: to thoroughly reflect the artistry through concerts, conversations and encounters in events related to the festival.

Composer Weekend through the years

  • 2006 Karin Rehnqvist
  • 2007 Marie Samuelsson
  • 2008 Anders Nilsson
  • 2009 B Tommy Andersson
  • 2010 Britta Byström
  • 2011 Paula af Malmborg Ward
  • 2012 Jonas Forssell
  • 2013 Victoria Borisova-Ollas
  • 2014 Jesper Nordin
  • 2015 No Composer Weekend took place due to the Sibelius/Nielsen Festival.
  • 2016 Mats Larsson Gothe
  • 2017 Albert Schnelzer
  • 2018 Andrea Tarrodi
  • 2019 Tommie Haglund
  • 2020–21 No festivals due to the pandemic.
  • 2022 Benjamin Staern
  • 2023 Tobias Broström
  • 2024 Lisa Streich