The meeting place

Konserthuset Stockholm is not just a great place for concerts. In recent years, our operations have expanded and moved beyond both concert halls and traditional concert apparel. Our vision is for Konserthuset to be a meeting place not only for musical encounters, but also for people searching for a place for reflection or to discover more about the world around them.

Summer programming

During the summer season, Konserthuset’s foyers are open daily from 11–17 with free entry, offering visitors the chance to see exhibitions, take guided tours or listen to concerts by young summer musicians.

Summer 2024

During the summer of 2024, we are open from July 30th to August 18th, from 11–17. There will be summer concerts with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, guided tours, and concerts featuring young summer musicians.

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Since the launch of summer programming in 2004, exhibition activities in Konserthuset’s foyers have expanded significantly. To date, we have presented over 60 exhibitions, not only during the summer but also on other occasions. The focus is on photography exhibitions – contemporary press photos, historic photos, art and nature photography – and exhibitions related to concert activities. 

Guided tours

Experiencing the Konserthuset building yourself and discovering the richly detailed adornments when you have the public spaces to yourself can be an incredible experience. The ambitious tour of Konserthuset’s art and architecture is given regularly throughout the year, and is supplemented by tours for children and Nobel-themed tours. 

Concert introductions

During festivals and special occasions, we provide in-depth introductions or meetings with composers. Starting one hour before the concert, this is usually included in the price of the ticket.