The Music of Movies and Video Games

Konserthuset Stockholm regularly arranges concerts featuring the soundtracks from movies and video games.

Interest in music from movies and games is greater than ever before. When the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra performs arrangements from Final Fantasy, Skyrim or the Lord of the Rings, the main hall essentially always fills up.

And it’s no wonder. These pieces lend character to places and people we never forget and add fuel to our feelings about the most exciting turning points of these narratives. When the story ends, we long to experience it again – via the music.

Concerts featuring music from movies and games 

At Konserthuset Stockholm, you can regularly attend concerts featuring music from your favourite games and movies performed live by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra.

With Konserthuset Play, you can hear music from movies and video games performed by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra whenever you like, completely free.

Born with the Gift of Magic – music from the sixth part of the FINAL FANTASY game series. The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra presents Nobuo Uematsu’s suggestive music under the leadership of Andreas Hanson.

The fairy-tale world of the game Final Fantasy constantly attracts new players – and listeners! Under Giedré Slekyté, the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra plays the music of Nobuo Uematsu for FINAL FANTASY VIII.