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A safe concert season

When we are open for a concert season again, we will be implementing several measures to create a safe environment for our visitors.

  • We will have separate entrances and exits to avoid crowds.
  • Lifts and foyers will open well in advance in order to minimize queuing.
  • We will creating clear flows in our foyers and stairwells to ensure plenty of space for each visitor. Our staff members’ primary task is to provide instructions for how we can best be considerate of one another in our large spaces.
  • We are limiting the number of visitors based on applicable regulations for public events and gatherings.
  • You will watch the concert with physical distance between yourself and other visitors. There will be plenty of space, with empty seats and rows between different parties.
  • We will provide clear instructions for maintaining safe distances in areas where we expect queues to form, such as entrances, coat check and the toilets.
  • We will take extra precautions with cleaning and hygiene procedures. In particular, exposed objects such as handles and railings will be cleaned frequently.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available to use for free.
  • Our staff will have clear instructions to stay home if they experience the slightest symptoms and are not to return to work until they have been free from symptoms for at least two days.
  • We would also like to remind you that anyone who feels the slightest symptoms should not come to Konserthuset and should put off their visit until they have been free from symptoms for at least two days. 

We are following the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s recommendations regarding the coronavirus pandemic and are prepared to modify our implemented measures if new guidelines are published.

Read more about the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s recommendations