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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions relating to ticket purchases are outlined below. Please contact our box office, should you have any questions. Send an e-mail on or call on telephone number +46 8 50 66 77 88.

Ticket terms and conditions

  • Each visitor to an event must be in possession of a valid ticket.
  • Numbered tickets are valid for the seat specified.
  • To ensure evacuation routes are kept clear, it is not permitted to sit in aisles or stairways in the auditorium.
  • Small children sitting on an adult’s knee must also hold a valid ticket.
  • Documents verifying eligibility for discounts (e.g., students or pensioners) must be provided when displaying tickets.
  • Tickets purchases (paid for) may not be exchanged. The provisions of the Swedish Distance and Doorstep Sales Act on the right of withdrawal do not apply to event tickets.
  • Ticket purchases (paid for) may not be redeemed. The provisions of the Swedish Distance and Doorstep Sales Act on the right of withdrawal do not apply to event tickets. Refunds will only be issued where events are cancelled or rescheduled. Any distribution fees will not be repaid. Temporarily changed terms: Anyone who feels the slightest symptoms of illness should not visit Konserthuset Stockholm under the prevailing circumstances. Purchased tickets are therefore redeemed via contact with the box office on telephone + 46 8 50 66 77 88 (this temporary change is made due to current recommendations and is valid until further notice).
  • When you buy a ticket from us, we collect certain personal data. We will then store and use this data to fulfil our commitment to you. You can find more details in our Data Privacy Policy
  • Tickets are documents of value. Lost tickets can only be replaced in cases where the customer provides their name and contact details when booking. To obtain a printed duplicate, customers must provide valid identification. This is subject to a fee of 25 SEK.
  • All tickets will be checked by scanners when displayed. A ticket entitles the bearer to enter only once. When the bar code has been scanned once, the ticket may not be reused.
  • Tickets may not be used for commercial purposes.
  • Tickets may not be used in competitions without the written permission of Konserthuset Stockholm and/or, where applicable, third party organisers.
  • Where, for an event, there is an upper limit for the number of tickets per purchase and customer, this may not be exceeded.

Purchases in breach of ticketing terms and conditions

  • Konserthuset Stockholm reserves the right to invalidate bookings or purchases found in breach of these conditions. Among other things, this applies where a customer books or purchases more tickets than are permitted, purchases tickets for commercial purposes or manipulates e-tickets (PDF).
  • Tickets and bookings handled in an inappropriate manner may be declared invalid.
  • Where a customer fails to observe the terms and conditions outlined above, Konserthuset Stockholm may close down the account in question with immediate effect.

Programme changes

  • Konserthuset Stockholm reserves the right to amend programmes and performers in the event of sickness or other occurrences which are beyond its control.
  • Konserthuset Stockholm is not obliged to announce programme changes in advance. 

Gift vouchers

  • Gift vouchers are valid for a limited period.
  • Gift vouchers cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash.
  • Gift vouchers are valid only where seats are available.

Subscription tickets 

  • Subscription tickets may only be exchanged within the same production. This applies only, although not always, to the following series: Onsdag Stor, Torsdag Stor, Torsdag Mellan, Torsdag Liten, Lördag Stor and Lördag Liten and only where seats are available.
  • Subscription tickets are not personal.

Temporarily changed terms for subscriptions during 21/22

  • You may cancel individual subscription tickets until 18.00 the day before the day of the concert. You will receive the amount that relates to the individual ticket deposited on a value check with a validity period of five years.

Late arrival

  • Ordinarily, events at Konserthuset Stockholm will commence on time.
  • Those arriving late may take their seats as soon as our ushers allow. To ensure other spectators are not disturbed, you may be asked to wait until a suitable occasion during the concert.
  • In occasional cases, latecomers may not be admitted after the concert begins.

Audio and video recording

  • It is not permitted to take audio or video recordings, or photographs.
  • Only those holding Konserthuset Stockholm accreditation are permitted to photograph, film or record events for wider distribution. Visitors to Konserthuset Stockholm may be included in such material.
  • No additional authorisation will be obtained from the spectator in question prior to publication or further distribution.

Mobile telephones

  • Mobile telephones must be switched off during the performance.

Disturbing behaviour

  • Konserthuset Stockholm reserves the right to eject those whose behaviour is found to cause a disturbance.

Food and drink

  • It is not permitted to bring food or drink into the auditorium.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere in Konserthuset Stockholm.


  • To ensure evacuation routes are kept clear, prams may not be taken into the auditoriums or foyers.
  • Prams may be left at a designated point in the vestibule. To ensure evacuation routes are kept clear, only a certain number of prams may be stored.

Printing errors

  • We assume no liability for printing/typographical errors appearing in calendars, printed materials or websites. Prices, discounts, ticket release dates and the terms and conditions of ticket sales may be subject to change without notification.

Text updated on 26 August 2021.