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Welcome to our online concert hall

Since you are unable to come to us, we will come to you! We offer many different ways to experience music from Konserthuset via digital solutions. In this section, we’ve compiled information about our offering as well as frequently asked questions about our videos.

Many public activities at Konserthuset have been cancelled during 2020, due to the coronavirus, but we have expanded our digital offering. Our well-established streaming service Konserthuset Play still serves as a cornerstone. This enormous archive of high-quality videos contains hours of listening for newcomers and connoisseurs alike. It is all free and available online and via app.

We have expanded our output with live streams – and much more. All streams and production are available at Konserthuset Play and are possible to watch over and over again. You are welcome to explore all we have to offer. 

See you online!

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find a list of upcoming live streams? 

You will find both ”ordinary” concerts and live streams in our concert calender. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and recieve updates. Register here

I missed the live stream. Is it possible to watch the concert later?

Yes, the videos can be watched afterwards on Konserthuset Play

I’m having problems with live streams stopping and lagging. What can I do?

Try changing the resolution of the video by going to the gear icon at the bottom right in the player. It is automatically set to “auto” for all users, but the results are often better if you choose a fixed resolution (one of the other choices).

Where can I find your earlier concert videos?

Visit Konserthuset Play here online and browse the big video archive. We have over 100 videos with everything from big symphonies to chamber music, jazz and fun videos for kids. Find Konserthuset Play here

There are so many videos; how do I navigate the selection on Konserthuset Play?

There is a search box on the Play page. Enter the name of a musician or composer you are curious about. You can also search for the name of a piece. When you start writing in the search box, you will receive suggestions based on the available content.

Can I search for videos in a specific genre?

There are categories under the search box. For example, you can select “Jazz” to filter out everything except this category. A black-marked button indicates which category(s) you have chosen.

I’m not getting any hits when I search for a name or title.

Make sure you have not already filtered the search hits by genre. Black-marked categories indicate your filters. Click “Clear filters” to start over with a new search or filter.

Do I have to watch the videos on a computer?

No, you can use another device, for example your phone. Konserthuset Play is also available as an app and you can download it for free from the App Store or Google Play. Chromecast is supported. You can also download the app on Apple TV.

Can I search the videos in the app, too?

Yes, the search function is available when you create a user account. You can search by composer, performer or name of a piece. You can also save videos as favourites.