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Closing Concert of the RSPO Orchestra Academy

Together with members of the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra.

The popular Serenade for wind ensemble was composed by a merely 17 year old Richard Strauss. It took a year until it was premeried, and after that it was soon discovered and contributed to the start of a glorious composer career. 

Then on to a world premier: Johannes Pollak’s Elegy was commissioned for the RSPO Orchestra Academy of 2019/20, thanks to funds from the Friends of the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and the Carl and Nynni Peyron Memorial Fund. Johannes Pollak (born in 1993) studied composition in Piteå and was nominated for the Swedish Music Publishers’ Prize in 2019.

Ucrainan composer Reyngold Glière is known for the use of folk music in his works (and for being Sergei Prokofiev’s teacher). When nationalist movements rose after the Russian revolution, his music was held in high esteem. He was one of the most celebrated composers in the Soviet Union of the Stalin era. His String Octet in D major (op 5, from 1900) was an immediate success.

The young musicians of the RSPO Orchestra Academy – an education project launched by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra in 2016 – have during the season received tuition from section leaders of the orchestra, and presented a series of concerts of their own. The RSPO Orchestra Academy offers one year of special training to carefully selected musicians, in full integration with the actitivies of Konserthuset Stockholm and the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. In this closing concert for the class of 2019/20, the musicians of the RSPO Orchestra Academy and members of the orchestra perform together.

  • The music

  • Richard Strauss Serenade for wind ensemble op 7
  • Johannes Pollak Elegy
  • Reyngold Glier String Octet in D major
  • Participants

  • Elisabeth Nilsson flute
  • Andreas Alin flute
  • Rebecca Millard oboe
  • Jesper Harryson oboe
  • Maria Rubio Carrión clarinet
  • Hermann Stefánsson clarinet
  • Bodil Kindlundh bassoon
  • Fredrik Ekdahl bassoon
  • Johan Segerman double bassoon
  • Mattia Venturi french horn
  • Kristofer Öberg french horn
  • Martin Schöpfer french horn
  • Johan Wahlgren french horn
  • Martyna Kulpinska violin
  • Matej Sonlajtner violin
  • Claudia Bonfiglioli violin
  • Seohee Min violin
  • Manon Briau viola
  • Vicki Powell viola
  • Malin Mertens cello
  • Marie Macleod cello
  • Jonatan Samuelsson presenter
  • From a livestream 5 June 2020.
  • The video is approximately one hour.
  • Subtitles in English and Swedish is activated by using the CC control in the video player.

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