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Grande Finale – Sibelius with Oramo

Sakari Oramo concludes his 13 years with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra with a journey through the artistry of Sibelius.

The Grande Finale comprises four concerts with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and Sakari Oramo from 19–29 May 2021.

The seven symphonies will be presented in chronological order, as well as the Violin Concerto with Lisa Batiashvili as soloist, Luonnotar with Anu Komsi and Two Pieces for cello and orchestra with philharmonic musician Johannes Rostamo performing the solo. This will be a deep dive into the creativity of Sibelius with some of the world’s foremost interpreters of the composer.

“I believe the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra’s sound is incredibly well suited to the music of Sibelius,” says Sakari Oramo. “It has a certain lightness – we could call it Nordic if you like – but also, that austere depth.”

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